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Publications | Docklands, LOT

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Newspaper publication with cardboard insert

This publication is designed as a reference to neighbourhood newspaper. The images are placed within a loosely defined grid, just like the city of New York. The inner cardboard functions as a tough body to support the newspaper, with a foil pressed graphic and text on the back.  

32 pages, 27 color photographs
37 cm x 26.5 cm
Design by Nina Couvert | Essay by Marijn Ferier

First edition 250 copies

LOT is part of an ongoing project about the transition of Docklands in various capitals with a history of shipbuilding. This publication focuses on the neighbourhood Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York. 

Through descriptive, highly detailed photographs, LOT questions the function of public space within Red Hook. How do ideas about living in the city reflect the physical state of the street, and what effect does this have on the community? A mix of landscapes, portraits and details of these exteriors reflect the current state of this neighbourhood, with its contrasts and diversity.

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