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LOT, docklands publication #1

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LOT is a paper print publication, part of his ongoing project about the transition of the Docklands in various cities worldwide. This publication focuses on the neighborhood Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York. 


Evolving from his work in the docklands of Amsterdam, Sem Langendijk moved to New York to research the similar environment. Through his descriptive, highly detailed photographs he questions the function of public space within the residential area in Red Hook. His work balances on the very narrow edge between visual storytelling and poetic personal documentation. As an observer he remarks the details in his subjects, carefully distancing himself just enough to stay neutral in his observations. A mix of landscapes, people and details of these exteriors reflect the current state of this neighborhood, with its contrasts and diversity.

Paper print publication with cardboard insert

32 pages, 27 color photographs
37 cm x 26.5 cm
Design by Nina Couvert | Essay by Marijn Ferier

First edition 250 copies

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