Sem Langendijk

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Support Edition "DOCKLANDS : 3 case studies" + pre-order forthcoming book

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By Sem Langendijk
Publication date: February, 2020
38 cm x 26 cm
dust jacket: Sirio ‘caffe’ 80gr with silver foil press
limited edition of 100 (signed and numbered)
Design by Nina Couvert | Text by Marijn Ferier 

The Docklands Project now covers 3 different harbor areas, and each has a unique character and story. While working on the project three publications were published. These are now available in a collectors edition, bringing together the different booklets into one publication, which links the different stories and gives insight into the dynamics of gentrification.

The work is bound together in a silver pantone ink printed dust jacket, which also functions as fold out poster. This publication features AgencyLOT and Perimeter and a c-print.

The forthcoming book will be published by Eriskay Connection in late 2022 and the production costs will be covered sales of this edition. You will receive the book when it is published. 

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