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Open zine publication with overlay

This zine is designed as an open, unbound magazine, with variations in how the images are placed and used. The outer pages function as posters which allow the viewer to take the publication apart and start arranging in ones own preference. 

The photographs are accompanied by drawings of structures (homes) build by the ADM community and an essay 'dreaming the city'.

32 pages, 42 color photographs
36 cm x 25.5 cm
Design by Nina Couvert | Text by Marijn Ferier | drawings by TU/e 
250 copies

AGENCY is part of an ongoing project about the transition of Docklands in various capitals with a history of shipbuilding. This publication focuses on the former shipbuilding company ADM, near the city of Amsterdam.

AGENCY specifically questions the role of community within the powerplays of city development. Does a community have the right to claim the land, after having lived there for over 20 years? Is ownership strictly defined through legislation? 

In this chapter the arguable question of  'the right to the city' is raised, driving from the personal background of the photographer, who has experienced several struggles between communities and other powerhouses that determine urban planning. 

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