Sem Langendijk

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The Docklands Project #3 : Perimeter

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by Sem Langendijk
Publication date: February, 2020
32 pages
51 color photographs
34 cm x 24.5 cm
sleeve: Sirio Pearl Graphite 125g
paper: Opakal 60 grams
250 copies
Design by Nina Couvert | Text by Marijn Ferier 

From 2018 till 2020,  Sem Langendijk travelled to the regenerated docklands of East-London. The financial centre which has emerged on the waterfront brings a new type of space to the city, privately owned (and controlled) public space. While these areas seem similar to other new construction projects, they are subject to rules and regulations set up by corporate companies. Continuing the Docklands project's examination of former harbour areas, Perimeter explores the build environment and the effect it has on people's behaviour in these open spaces.

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