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Publications | Docklands, Perimeter

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This zine is designed according to a grid and structure to where images can be placed on the borders of the page. The publication has a sleeve with a white ink grid and title, and comes with an essay about the tension of private and public areas in the city.

32 pages, 51 color photographs
34 cm x 24.5 cm
Design by Nina Couvert | Text by Marijn Ferier 
250 copies

PERIMETER analyses the concept of invisible borders and large-scale corporate buying of urban space, resulting in privately owned public spaces, Pops. Public space can be entered and used by anyone, at any time, allowing for a little chaos and spontaneous encounters. They are islands of freedom within the city. Areas that seem like the regular city are now becoming corporately owned and regulated. The boundaries between what is public and privately controlled become invisible, and the transformation of open areas into Pops have an impact on the use of space. It is no longer allowed to take photos in ‘public’ space. Protests are not tolerated. Open spaces become monitored and controlled places where we tend to police ourselves and limit our interactions. The city renewal happening in this systematic way, to reach financial goals, is transforming the meaning of what a city is and whom it is for.

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