is an ongoing research into the transition of former harbour areas in Amsterdam, New York and London.

Focusing on the high demand for living near the water, the project tries to get a grip on shifting social demographics, waterfront development and similarities within these cities. What is the urban tissue we are changing, and how does this relate to our experience of space within the city. 

Amsterdam, New York and London were once great harbours, where many ships were built. This industrial labor required vast open spaces, created jobs and a community of dockworkers in nearby residences. During an era of globalisation and growth, these docklands were relocated elsewhere and the areas fell into decay. The project looks at how the regeneration affects communities and the urban environment.

During the process of making this body of work, Sem Langendijk produces a publication on each city. These series or sub-stories highlight a specific element within these transitions. As the project evolves, connections will be made between these stories, working towards a book-project and exhibition.  

The sub-stories are found under their titles, the publications are available in the shop.

The project is supported by AFK and Mondrian Fund. 


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