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Sem Langendijk (1990) has an interest in communities and their habitats, the urban environment and spatial arrangement. Growing up in the ‘hinterland’ of Amsterdam, Sem witnessed many changing sceneries throughout the years. He researches the relation between ‘home’ and public space, and what impact communities have to their environment. Interventions by individuals, which give meaning to a place, inspire him to photograph and document this kind of freedom within the structures of a city. He continues to balance his work on the very narrow edge between visual storytelling and poetic personal documentation, an often not-so-easy path to define. As an observer he remarks the details in his subjects, carefully distancing himself just enough to stay neutral in his observations. 

His photography has a poetic visual language that grows on you while taking a closer look at his work.

Sem Langendijk studied documentary photography at the 

Royal academy of Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands. 

press Landscape Stories ROAD 

press Who Knows Mag

press New Dawn

Sem Langendijk

1990, Amsterdam

  • Clients:

The Good Life Magazine, ECCO, ETQ, Modemuze, Stadsschouwburg, Van Lennep, Wintervacht, Le Mile magazine, Amsterdam&Co, Vandejong Creative agency, CODE magazine, Cityhub Amsterdam, 1646 Gallery Den Haag, Arcadis Nederland, Royal Academy of Arts The Hague (curator International Bookfair program)

co-founder Studio Sum

Selected by The Photo Graduates 2016

2015 graduate Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

assisted Yann Stofer, Dana Lixenberg in New York & Andrew Phelps in Austria

  • selection of publications:
Stadsschouwburg magazine, Landscape Stories, Le Mile Magazine, Amsterdam&Co, CODE Magazine, New Dawn Portfolio

  • selection of exhibitions:

July 7th - 9th

NSJ (The Photo Graduates)

April 30th - May 15th

IMAGO/IMAGO (participant & curator group exhibition)

February 10 - 14th

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 

February 24th - March 21st

WTC Gallery Rotterdam (Undiscovered)

January 9 - 16th 2016

Bob Smit Gallery Rotterdam 

July 3 - 9th 2015

Graduation Festival 2015 KABK

May 14 - 21st 2015

Photo Festival Naarden

March 1st - April 23rd 2015

Hutspot van Wou

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